Welcome to my Life!

by - Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Well hello there! Life Gean here... I am back and yes, I am alive!

Before I move on with the purpose of this first post, today is a very special day! I tend to make new accounts on sepcial dates so I would just like to greet my ultimate bias - Park Jimin of BTS - a Happy Happy Happy Birthday~ Wishing you all the best Chim2x!!! ...coz you certainly deserve it. Love ya~♥

A li'l introduction - Hi~ I am Life Gean! That is an anagram from my real given name so technically speaking, it still is my name. I'm a Web & Graphics Designer by profession, a fangirl & photographer by passion!

So I used to be over at Onwards! To The Stars!!! but I ended up neglecting to update since I found myself losing time. Sometime in between then and now, my work schedule went berserk and up to this day, it still is like so. Weekends were rather spent on catching up with sleep rather than being productive. When I stopped blogging for sometime even before that, it was coz I got busy with university life. Excuses right? ...but life indeed happens. I have been gone for well over a year now and I just felt like I needed to get back on things. Why? Coz I love taking photos and I love sharing them! I want to let other people see my life through each photo that I take. At some point, I was labeled as the fansite noona who doesn't update coz I do attend events and such but the shots will never see the light of day. HeeHee I do also have non-fandom photos that need to be touched on.

Now that I have decided to make my much needed comeback, I did it with an accompanying domain name to boot. I've been wanting to get one since forever! Crossing my fingers that it will motivate me more in one way or the other. I won't be making promises of updating as often such as at least once a month, so as not to ruin my archive but I will definitely try my best. I do have tons of pending stuff to look back on so from time to time, I shall be posting stuff that are from way back... and I do mean years back. Might import my old blog posts too or just re-post them, we shall see. That's it for now so YAY! Please look forward to future posts! Thank you~ mrawr! :3

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